About HaitiHQ

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in 2010 there was a barrage of negative press about Haiti.

We knew all about Haiti’s beauty, resilience, and cultural richness and instead wanted to expose the world to those attributes.

At the same time, there was also an unprecedented level of curiosity about Haiti by people who desired to know more. Haitian-Americans and others eager to connect on a deeper level with Haiti’s cultural richness. Businesses were eager to expose Haiti’s history, music, tourist attractions, and yes Haiti’s rich cuisine.

We noticed there was chasm between those who want to experience the unseen Haiti and those offering it.

The Haitian experience was virtually absent online.

That’s when HaitiHQ was born.

We wanted to give businesses the means to have a digital footprint on social media, the internet, and an online marketplace where consumers can purchase anything Haiti related.