These seven websites represent a positive view on Haitian culture, lifestyle and history. They are organized to allow visitors fluidity with navigation and page views. These sites cater to the population at large, but more so to the English speaker. Best of all they are visually appealing.



Created in 2011 as a daily, Haitian-American, lifestyle and entertainment blog, L’union Suite provides posts on a wide range of topics, including entertainment, fashion, facts on Haiti, and much more.



This website is the destination for Haitian entertainment, music, cultural news, reviews and information. Haitian Beatz provide information about popular and upcoming Haitian music artists. They will help you find out about Haitian music concerts, party scenes and festivals. Haitian Beatz offers a wealth of material related to the Haitian community.

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Self-described as the hub for young, upwardly mobile, Haitian-Americans, Kreyolicious is a site for discussions of literature, music, issues that affect the community, and everything in between. Kreyolicious is a one-stop location for everything Haitian.

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If you like Konpa, this is the place to visit. They give our beloved Haitian artists exposure and provide fans current information about the artist. They do live events in different cities and countries on Facebook and Youtube. Believe me, they do it like no other.



Under the guidance of Carel Pedre, Chokarella is more than a radio show. They cover events, news, music, nonprofits, and more. The show brings you a daily taste of Haiti’s finest. They live stream daily, Monday to Friday, on Facebook. You can catch up on any missed shows on their website or Youtube. Believe me, you will be entertained.

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When you want to kick back and watch a Haitian movie, Movielakay got you covered. They have a large database of Haitian movies. If you’re into movie trivia they provide all the information you will need.

It’s “The Place for Everything Haitian”. We intend to become the premier site for all of your Haitian needs. We want to be the biggest directory to all Haitian restaurants, stores, or any other information you desire. So, whenever you’re searching for something Haitian, think of HaitiHQ. The shop we are building has all the products you will need. And if we don’t have it, we will point you in the right direction.

About the Author: J.M. Lominy

Jean Lominy

Jean M. Lominy is the author of The Deadly Rose, The Fatal Rose, The Killer Rose, and more. He is a Registered Nurse, entrepreneur, and many other things that would take more than one page to write. Reach out to him if you want to know more.

Lastly, he is Haitian all day, everyday.


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