Weddings are costly. On average wedding costs over $25,000, and Haitian weddings can easily surpass that amount. Haitian families and friends tend to be great in numbers. Fear not, there are numerous ways to minimize the expense of a wedding without disrupting the fete. The keys to saving can be achieve with a little creativity, thinking outside the box, and prioritize.

Save money by cutting your wedding expenses:

  1. Book a venue that will allow you to choose your own vendors. Many venues require that you use their catering, bartender, and DJ. When you’re limited to a single option, that option is rarely inexpensive. You probably know a bartender and a DJ that could provide their services much more economically than those offered by the venue.
  2. Your priorities might be good food and music. Another couple might prefer a fancy reception location with great decorations. What’s most important to you? Avoid spending money on items that don’t matter to you.
  3. Choose another day besides Saturday. Everyone gets married on Saturday. Though it can be less convenient, any other day of the week can be less expensive. Caterers are looking for work, and the venues are largely empty. 
  4. Cut the guest list down to size. Eliminating a particular category of people is less likely to cause hurt feelings. Consider eliminating children and co-workers, for example. After you’ve cut the list once, cut it again. A smaller venue, less food, and less drink results in lowered costs.
  5. “Men anpil, chay pa lou.” Many hands make light work and lower expenses. Get a little help from your friends. Consider all the help your friends might be able to provide:
  • Flowers
  • Acting as a driver
  • Making side dishes for the meal
  • Decorating
  • Calligraphy
  • Baking the cake
  • DJ
  1. Get married at the reception venue location. A lot of money can be spent on flowers and other decorations at the church. There’s also the cost of renting a limo or other transportation to get the wedding party to the reception venue. Many reception venues are happy to accommodate this request.
  2. Avoid serving a full-blown meal. Feeding a full meal to a large group of people is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Consider serving appetizers and skipping the fish and chicken. This is easier to accomplish if you choose an appropriate time to hold your reception. Early afternoon is the best time to avoid serving a full meal.
  3. Limit the alcohol options. An open bar can be expensive. Consider a keg or two of beer and allow your guests to purchase their own mixed drinks.
  4. Avoid giving parting gifts to your guests. Meaningful gifts are far too expensive for a large group of people, and the typical parting gifts are thrown away within a week. Save your money.
  5. Buy the wedding dress at an outlet or department store. Bridal salons tend to be much more expensive. You might even find a dress at a vintage store that was worn only once.
  6. Choose a DJ over a band. Paying for a five-piece band will cost more than a DJ. The DJ can also serve as the master of ceremony. A good DJ will keep the festivities moving along at a reasonable pace.

If you have a limited budget, you can still create a wedding and reception worth remembering. Ensure that your wedding doesn’t become a financial drain by making significant choices. With a little work and creative thinking, you can have an amazing wedding that doesn’t break the bank.

Jean Lominey

About the Author: J.M. Lominy

Jean M. Lominy is the author of The Deadly Rose, The Fatal Rose, The Killer Rose, and more. He is a Registered Nurse, entrepreneur, and many other things that would take more than one page to write. Reach out to him if you want to know more. Lastly, he is Haitian all day, everyday.


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