Mother Daughter Decorative Wall Hanging Art, Indoor and Outdoor Garden Art, Handmade in Haiti from Recycled Steel Drum…

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It’s girls day out! All dressed up and someplace special to go, no doubt. Note the extravagant earrings mom has chosen for the occasion. Who knew lug nuts could be so elegant?
Worried that your meta sculpture will rust if exposed to the elements? Don’t be. Your sculpture comes with a weather-proof coating that will wear off over time, but you can protect it easily by spending 5 minutes once a year to spray it with clear enamel available at your local hardware store.
Hanging your art is easy once you know how. Choose a point where the design element is joined or notched and use a nail to hang it from that point on the wall. Use a second and a third nail (if necessary) within other design elements to straighten and secure the piece. Then stand back and admire your work. You’ll see that the nails “disappear” into the sculpture. Beautiful!

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